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Special Education Transportation
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Bus Driver/Monitor Qualifications – Bus Driver/Monitor Responsibilities - When will the Bus Ride Start – Change of Address/Bus Routes – Can there be alternate Drop/Pick up Locations – Can Arrival Times Change – What are the Parent/Guardian Responsibilities – If a Student Misses the Bus – What is the Must Be Met Requirements – How can a Parent make the School Bus Ride Safer - Why is the emergency information so important to fill out - What are the Student Behavior expectations - How will discipline problems be handled – General Information about getting to your house - What happens if my Student is Ill - What happens when there is an Inclement Weather a report?
Our Special Education Transportation program is a team effort.  This includes your students school bus driver and monitor as well as the teachers, Student Support Co-op, building principals, parents/guardians and the student. In order to qualify for specialized transportation an Individualized Education Program (IEP) must be on file with transportation noted as a "related service". To learn more about the IEP process and to see if your child might qualify contact the Student Support Co-op at (360) 807-7245. Once the IEP and transportation, as a related service, has been approved please allow for 4 to 5 business days in order to make those arrangements. 

What are the Qualification for my student's school bus driver and monitor?
All school bus drivers are state certified and required to re-certify annually. This includes first aid training, student management, driving skill training and up-to-date Department of Transportation physicals. In addition the school district has mandated annual training elements for all Special Education Drivers and Monitors. This includes emphasis training addressing our special education students.

School Bus Driver/Monitor Responsibilities.
School Bus Drivers are professional drivers with Commercial Driver’s Licenses. They work directly with Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Co-op and indirectly with the Student Support Program in Chehalis. They are responsible for the safety of students, bus, and the route schedule. Monitors are trained employees that supply assistance to the driver by monitoring student’s activities and assist students with special needs. 
When will your student’s bus ride start?
Every effort will be made to arrange transportation as quickly as possible. It takes on the average of five (5) days to route new students and may in some cases take a little longer.

If you move, will your child ride the same bus?
An address change may require changing bus routes. Parents should notify the office of Student Support Program and the Transportation Department as soon as possible to allow time to make different arrangements for your child’s transportation. Again there may be some delay in re-scheduling transportation needs. 

Can there be Alternate Drop/Pick up Locations?
Address changes from pick up to drop off locations must remain in established route areas and must remain consistent throughout the week. 

Can Arrival Times Change?
Special Education bus routes can vary according to the needs of each student riding. Please allow a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes or more variance for your student’s pick up and drop off times. 

What are the Parent/Guardian Responsibilities?
Have students fully clothed, toileted, and ready to go fifteen (15) minutes before their assigned pick up time. Route schedules do not allow time for buses to wait or blow horns. Please accompany your student to the bus stop. If your child will not be riding the bus on any given day to or from school, please call Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Co-op at 330-7628 one (1) hour before bus arrival time. It is also important to refer to the bus route number and/or drivers name when making the call. Update changes in phone number, medical needs, and addresses to the Student Support Program and Transportation as soon as they occur. Be at the bus stop fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled time of arrival. Meet your student at the bus stop or make arrangements for a responsible and authorized person to receive the student if necessary.

If your student misses the bus, can the bus return?
The driver cannot return to your stop locations due to traffic and scheduling. The parent/guardian is responsible to transport their student to school in the event they miss the bus. 

What is the Must Be Met Requirements
All Special Education students "Must Be Met" by an authorize adult at their stop location. In the event no one is there to receive the student, they will remain on the bus. Attempts will be made to contact the parent/guardian. If no contact is made, the student will be returned to their given school or the Student Support Program, and if necessary, Child Protective Services will be contacted. Please call Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Co-op at 330-7628 to obtain more information regarding the "Must be Met" requirements and/or details regarding obtaining a wavier. 

How can the parent make the school bus safe?
Teach your student the bus safety rules and appropriate bus behavior. Inform the driver of any concerns dealing with health or behavior issues. It is important that you communicate your concerns and/or recommendations to the driver. Parent, drivers, monitor, and students are all key elements to school bus safety. 

Why is the emergency information so important to fill out?
The State Board of Education and Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Co-op requires the driver to have medical and emergency information on the bus that is available in case of an emergency. This information must be updated yearly or whenever there is a change.

What are the Student Behavior expectations?
What behavior is expected by a student while riding the school bus?
1. Obey the Driver/Monitor
2. Always stay in the seat with seat belt on.
3. Talk quietly.
4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
5. No talking at the railroad tracks.
Following these rules is very important for the safety of your student and the other students on the bus. 

How will discipline problems be handled?
Misbehavior will be handled by the driver with a phone call to parents, a conduct report, and/or a short-term exclusion from the bus. These are the guidelines set forth by the school district and the transportation department.  In the event a student will not follow the safety rules a conference will be scheduled with Parent/Guardian, Special Services, Transportation, Teachers, Student, and Driver/Monitor to discuss the safety concerns. Every effort will be made to ensure a safe ride for all students on the bus. If your child is unable to be controlled behaviorally and is an endangerment to the safety of his/her self and the bus, you will be asked to transport your student.

General Information about getting to your house.
Roadways, sidewalks, driveways, and turnarounds must be kept clear. Snow, parked vehicles, and other objects making driving the bus difficult. 

What happens if my Student is Ill?
Please do not send students that are ill to school. If your child becomes ill while riding the bus they may be returned home. In the event they become ill at school, you will be asked to transport your student home.

What happens when there is an Inclement Weather a report?

Listen to local radio stations or visit for information and updates as to school closures, snow routes, and road closures. Alterations to routes may become necessary. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Co-op at 330-7628 or 807-7214 or Special Services at 807-7245.