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Technology Resources for Families
Welcome to our resource page for students and families. For students having trouble with their classroom technology, please reach out to your student's building for initial troubleshooting.

How does my student log in to their Chromebook?

Elementary students are assigned a Clever badge with a QR code for easy login. Secondary students are given an email address and password. If you are unsure of your student's login, please contact your student's teacher for this information.

How do I look at the history of my student's Chromebook browser?

Students are restricted through Google policy and will not be able to remove their browsing history. To view the browsing history of the device, login to the device as the student and press control H. A list of sites and time that the student visited will appear.

Is the Chromebook filtered when at home?

Yes, the same filter used in our schools provides filtering and logging of the device while off the network (at home).

Can someone not a student from Centralia use the device?

No, only Centralia logins are accepted from the Centralia domain. Any other person attempting to login will not be able to connect.