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Migrant Program

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What is a Migrant Student?

A migrant student is a student who has at least one parent who has made a “qualifying move” within the past 3 years.   This means the parent moved from one school district to another for the purposes of getting work in the seasonal agricultural or fishing industries. 

 How do we use the bulk of our Migrant Program dollars?

We have a Migrant Student Advocate who serves all migrant students at Centralia High School, as well as migrant students at Centralia Middle School, as needed (Centralia Middle School is also served by a Family Resource Advocate through funding from Title I, Part A.).  The Migrant Student Advocate's job is to help students be successful in school. 

Our Migrant Student Advocate is Gabe Criquit-Matos.  

 He can be reached at:                 

Cell: 360-996-2305

[email protected]

Here are some things the Migrant Student Advocate can do to help you:

  • Translate for you in the school office or with your child’s teacher
  • Help you understand school rules and policies
  • Answer your questions (in person or by phone) about our school
  • Arrange parent events to help you get to know other parents
  • Help you understand requirements such as state testing and preparing for middle school, high school, and graduation
  • Assist you with other similar things that may come up during the school year 


What else does the Federal Migrant Program provide?

  • Annual physical
  • Some dental care
  • Credit retrieval—Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS)
  • Voices from the Field at IslandWood Camp for selected middle schoolers
  • Dare to Dream at University of Washington, Seattle campus, for selected high schoolers
  • Some services for out of school youth
  • Migrant Summer School


Dr. Jeff Broome

Director of Teaching and Learning



Zuleyma Perez

Records Clerk

School:  360-330-7638

Cell:  360-269-3435

[email protected]